Israeli and Palestinian rappers represent in huge Amsterdam MasterPeace Concert


MasterPeace is organizing a mesmerizing heart-warming peace concert on Sunday 21 September 2014 where artists from major conflict areas in the world will perform together at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Together, they will demonstrate that sustainable solutions can only come by stopping armed conflicts. Together, they will put aside their differences, and give voice to what connects us: Music above fighting. The two hours long MasterPeace in Concert will be remembered as an exciting journey of hope, strength, opportunities and musical inspiration for all.

Many of the artists will be stepping onto the MasterPeace stage for the first time with ‘the enemy’ – a musician from a country or group with whom there has been ‘armed’ conflict. This collaboration with the ‘opposition’ has the potential to provoke every strong reaction in their respective homelands. MasterPeace is currently working in many of these conflict zones aiming to bridge divides, and restore contact and dialogue.

Sagol Saz Backstage


Veteran M.Cs Sagol 59 (Khen Rotem) and Saz (Samekh Zakout) will represent Israel and Palestine respectively in the concert, with a new song, written especially for the event.

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