24 Countries, 40 Rappers, One Song.

In these days of international turmoil, with ongoing outbursts of violence, hatred and racism, it’s good to see that music can still connect people from all across the globe. This is a new Hip Hop track that features 40 rappers from 24 countries, created¬†by two Iranian producers whose goal is to promote peace, tolerance and dialogue among artists from different nations.¬†

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZnMxUlNwMc?rel=0&w=420&h=315]

International Capacity
Producers: Arman Deniz & Peyman Tishe [Iran]

Turkey: Sirhot,Radikal,Pishto Hegel,Babakonda
Mexico: Tabernario
USA: Quaesar,Lord Terra,Bigg Limn,Albet,Staks Bigzy,Renigade
Kurdistan: Karigar
Germany: Medizin Mann,benYeSon,Moneymaxxx,illo Einz,
Egypt: Go3ranY 63,MC Shaf3Y
Afghanistan: Adel
Syria: Amjaaad
Australia: Provocalz
Austria: Don Leon,Boica
Italy: Ness
Lebanon: Rocketeers
Israel: Sagol 59
Palestinian Authority: A.T
Bosnia Herzegovina: Kazna
Argentina: Grone
Finland: Ironface
Iraq: TaJvin
France: KSR
Romania: Ezekiel
Colombia: Los Onabru
Chile: Sinai
Ecuador: Sociedad Ilegal

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