Israeli rappers record track to support demonstrations

Quami, Sagol 59, Vulkan, Klin, Kalkidan, ELparvar, Fishy, Mohammed Mugrabi – List Of Demands.mp3

Last week, a group of 8 notable Israeli MC’s gathered to record “List Of Demands”, a track that supports the recent demonstrations held in Israel’s cities and also calls for equality among The Country’s citizens and residents. Israeli Jews, Arabs, Russian and Ethiopian rappers are all represented on the track.

Quami, Sagol 59, Vulkan, M.C Klin, Big Fishy, Elparvar, Kalkidan, Mohammed Mugrabi – List Of Demands (Youtube Link)

(The 2011 Israeli housing protests, which are also referred to by various other names in the media, are a series of ongoing demonstrations in Israel beginning in July 2011 involving hundreds of thousands of protesters from a variety of socio-economic and religious backgrounds opposing the continuing rise in the cost of living in Israel, and particularly the relatively high housing prices in Israel as well as the lack of affordable housing solutions in the country.

As the protests expanded, the demonstrations began to also focus on other issues, such as the deteriorating state of the Israeli education system, the indirect costs of raising children and issues relating to the social order in Israel.)

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